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Independence Day: “Nigerians Must Keep the Flag Flying” – Hon. Moses Sunday David.



As Nigerians mark the anniversary of the Nation’s Independence, Hon Moses Sunday David in his message to the good people of Mopamuro, Kogi State and Nigeria at large charges the people to keep the flag flying.

“Nigeria Independence came as a result of selfless services of the founding fathers.” Hon Moses said that, although the transition was bloodless unlike some other nation, it was paid for by sweat, dialogues, understanding, compromises and mutual respect with equity and fairness guiding the founding fathers.

“It is on this note that I enjoin Nigerians to remain steadfast and dwell more on things that binds us than the ones that divides. “The current challenges especially in the area of security shall be a thing of the past if we all see ourselves as Nigerians and see those trying to jeopardize the progress of the nation through unpatriotic illegal actions as enemies of all.”

The Mopamuro Council Chairman concluded that Nigeria can work and be prosperous as a nation if we revert to the old love, trust and understanding with national interest the focus rather than ethnicity and religion sentiments.

Happy Independence Mopamuro, Kogi and Nigeria.


Oluwi Sesan
SSA Media & Publicity


8 years On The Throne: Mr. Spreading Felicitates With Obobanyi of Ihima



The Managing Director of CEDO 4 GYB2PYB Group, Patriot Matthew James Avabee ( Mr Spreading) , has felicitated with the Obobanyi of Ihima Kingdom , HRH Adayi Samuel Onimisi PHD on his 8th Years Anniversary celebration on the throne, Appreciate his support for the government of Yahaya Bello in Kogi state .

In a statement issued at Lekki, Lagos state, Mr Avabee described Adayi Samuel as a man of peace and candour whose reign in the past 8 years has brought peaceful co-existence and development to Ihima Community and Ebira-Land by Extension.

Avabee said the exemplary leadership style of the monarch calls for the continuous support of the traditional rulers and people of the Kingdom in order to sustain the prevailing peaceful atmosphere and further accelerate the pace of development in the area.

He urge the Traditional ruler to always imbibe the fear of God in his rule and avoid cultural inhibitions that undermines the collective interest of the people, especially the Youths women and the girl child.

Our traditional rulers play significant roles in ensuring that the interest of their subjects is taken care of and that the spirit of Co-operation, communal living and peaceful co-existence for which Ihima people are known is preserved. I appeal to you, therefore to continue to help in fostering peace and harmony in order to help in the growth of our land.

He Prayed God to give the monarch good health, strength and wisdom in his reign over the people of Emani clan, Ihima and Ebira land by Extension, and wished him happy anniversary celebration and many more fruitful years on the throne.

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Coronation: All Roads Leads To Mopa on 11th of Nov. as Mopa Born, Abuja Based Contractor Becomes Owa of Mopa Land



The people of Mopa, Mopamuro Local Government of Kogi State are on tenterhooks as Otunba Muyiwa Ibeun, Mopa born and Abuja based contractor will be coronated as Owa of Mopa Land on the 11th of November, 2021.

Muyiwa Ibeun, a successful business man and contractor is the MD/CEO of Muib Group of Companies, a company that is into general contracts, and oil and gas.

The soon to be coronated Owa of Mopa Land has been recognized for his humanity and philanthropic gestures across the country. Ibeun was coronated as the Otunba of Isin Land, Kwara State and Apesin-Ola of Igbobi Sabe, Lagos State.

November 11 also marks the 80th Birthday Celebration of the Elulu of Mopa, His Royal Majesty, Oba Julius Joledo.

Ibeun in his notification letter made available to KogiOnlineNg assures optimum security for a safe outing.

Other chieftaincies will also be awarded to several prominent Mopa sons and daughters on same day.

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Abdulkareem Moh’d Jamiu Asuku: Early Life, Career, and Politics



A good name resonates with candour and, an association with it comes with discipline, and the good friendship accompanied with good conscience, tolerance, trust, understanding, and satisfactory conduct. You will also agree with the words of Elmer G. Letterman which perfectly describes the attributes of Asuku to a large extent free of exaggerations.

“Personality can open doors, but only character can keep the doors open” – Elmer G. Letterman.

We hear of born leaders, and indeed some of the qualities do seems to appear at the earliest age and remains so into adulthood, with earmarks and characteristics. Not as a thing that appears suddenly, and certainly not as a thing that can be taught entirely as a course in institutions of learning.

Still marveled at the energy continually radiates by Pharmacist Jamiu Asuku, I and my team decided to dig into his past to unravel what most people do not know about the youngest Chief of Staff to a seating Governor in Nigeria. To satisfy our curiosity and in justification of the saying: “there is no man without a past, or perhaps a starting point”

Born to the family of Mallam Abdulkareem Salawu Otaru on January 2, 1984 at Uruvicheba, Okene, Kwara State (present Kogi State). Young Asuku started his education career at LGEA Primary School, Ogogoro in Okehi Local Government of present Kogi State, from 1989 to 1994. After which he proceeded to Abdul Aziz Attah Memorial College (AMCO), Okene, from 1994 to 2000.

During his days at AMCO, young Asuku exhibited a high level of brilliancy uncontestable by his colleagues and students from neighboring LGAs. He was popularly called Halogen ( name given to highly reactive group seven elements) by his colleagues then His name then gradually became a melody on the lips of many; as tales of his intellectual prowess spread like wildfire raging through a thick forest.

As the tradition of AMCO was, internal examination was conducted by the school administration to select the best three students in the science class. And as expected, young Halogen emerged the overall best student in the school. He then was amongst the three to always represent the school at all physical competitions across the state and the country at large. Because of his exceptional performance in class, the post of special duty prefect was created and he was the first student to hold that position in AMCO.

In 1999, Asuku proceeded to become the best student in Okene Local Government Area (LGA) following a Quiz Competition organized within the LGA. After which his school was selected among the three schools to represent Kogi central senatorial district in Lokoja, the State capital for the famous STAN Quiz, and was selected among the five (5) overall best students to represent Kogi in Abuja but would require the sponsorship of the state government. Sadly, the Quiz Competition did not get an affirmative nod from Audu’s government in time, and this affected the logistics surrounding mobilizing participants to Abuja for the competition.

However, the delegation led by Asuku managed to come 5th at National Stan Quiz Competition held at the International Conference Center, Abuja in 1999 even though they missed the first face of the competition which was a written examination to select the best students across the country For scholarship.
His success stories would continue throughout his staying at AMCO before rounding up his secondary school education in year 2000.

In 2002, Asuku gained admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study Pharmaceutical Science. His early days on campus was what most people would consider a boring life; as Asuku was irrevocably immersed in deep studies round the clock. During his first three years in school, Asuku could do nothing on campus asides studying and studying again. Amongst his few friends, he was referred to as a bookworm.

Despite the fact that the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences does not make use of the well known grading system; the first class, second, and third. Asuku maintained straight A’s in all his courses; as anything lesser than ‘A’ represented failure to him.

In no time, a dramatic event happened during his third year when he began to observe some health deteriorations and had to visit the school teaching hospital on referral from the sick bay to run some tests. The Doctor in charge of his case then asked:

“how many hours do you sleep in a day?”

Asuku wondering what the question had to do with whatever that could be going on in his body struggled to respond

“I always had two hours of sleep in a day”

The doctor frowned and lectured him on the importance of quality sleep. Then asked him to go back to his room, lock himself up and do nothing but sleep. It turned out that nothing was wrong with his health, but has only been depriving himself of good sleep over the years.

Asuku then began looking for necessary distractions to occupy his time while away from studies. He ventured fully into student activisms and even ran for the position of the president of his faculty before the association was disbanded by the school authority. He also became very active in the Student Union Government (SUG) of the institution before graduating in 2009, with distinction and among the top of the 25 students that made the first batch of graduates in the class of over 60 students.

Upon his graduation from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Asuku proceeded to University of Abuja Teaching Hospital in Gwagwalada (UATH) for his mandatory internship haven passed the entrance examination. Upon completion of his internship program, he proceeded to serve his father land in the federal capital, Abuja where he was posted to Garki hospital for his primary assignment in year 2010 to 2011. He secured an employment with a just opened H-Medix pharmacy and super store branch at 48 Ademola Adetokumbo crescent as the first Superintendent Pharmacist to register the establishment in year 2011. Because of his professional prowess while working in H-Medix, he happened to establish personal relationship with some prominent Nigerians among who was Alh. Yahaya Bello, the popular Fair plus from his home town. Another prominent personality he met then was late Amb. Joshua E. Okpo the then Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria that was instrumental in securing a job for him at Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, as the Head of Pharmacy Department in April 2012 till 2015.

Little does he knows that the relationship built with Alhaji Yahaya Bello during his short stay at H-MEDIX Abuja would launch him fully into the country’s political scene and to manifest his political acumen gathered over the years at ABU Zaria.

Following the declaration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello to contest for the position of the governor of Kogi State, Asuku keyed into the project and built a structure around it. He sets up his own campaign organization and financed it from his own pocket without getting a dime from the aspirant. He would constantly flew in from his station, Awka Ibom, to attend political meetings in support of Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

Not knowing that Bello was noticing his commitment to serve and monetary contribution to his campaign, Asuku was dumbfounded when he was invited by Bello to inform him of his intentions to have him serve in his cabinet. And after Governor Yahaya Bello was inaugurated in 2016, Asuku was appointed the DG Protocol to the Governor.

“I want you to occupy a position where you will have an unrestricted access to me, always” these were the exact words of Governor Bello to Asuku.

Progressing, Asuku was later appointed as the Chief of Staff to the Governor following the resignation of Edward Onoja in 2019. This made him the youngest Chief of Staff to a seating Governor in Nigeria. A position previously occupied by the elites and elderly in time pass.

As the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Asuku has demonstrated lots of tremendous and jaw dropping high quality attributes of a good leader. He has been able to inject a long list of changes in the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello, making his government the best so far in the history of Kogi State.
In 2020, precisely February 17th, four orthopedic and one spine surgeries were paid for in Kogi State by the Asuku Free Medical Outreach. The surgeries were carried out and all beneficiaries currently enjoying normal lifestyles. Also with his foundation, Pharm. Abdulkareem Asuku Youth Empowerment Foundation (PAAYEF) has over the years took responsibility for hundreds of students across the state with payment of WAEC, NECO, and JAMB fees. Many students in Kogi State are currently in school today, all thanks to PAAYEF, and hundreds are enjoying a healthy life still accolades to the foundation.

In different political camps in Kogi State, there has been whispers and murmurings about what is next for Asuku as regards to politics. Some said he could cling the party’s ticket for Senate, others already believed him to be the best option to succeed Yahaya Bello in 2024. While the young Pharmacist cum Politician is yet to make his intentions known, all fingers are crossed.

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