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#AsukuLifted; The Man Behind The Scene



It’s fair reasoning that challenges and solutions of leadership are inside leaders. This view stands in line with the fact that natural leaders don’t just do things, they change things. Although leadership traits can be developed, certain individuals are, without doubt, born natural leaders. Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku falls in this category.

Pharm. Asuku is a disciplined personality with selfless service to make life better for his people. He derives joy in serving people.

Asuku has bequeathed many landmark achievements. As a humanitarian, he continues to yield fantastic results in terms of human capital development, health sector and Youth empowerment across the State.

Pharm Asuku is trustworthy and reliable. He captures the essence of truth, display sincerity, candor and practices what he preaches by his boss, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello, under his leadership as the Chief of Staff, Kogi state is secured, youths are considered and women are given fair hearing on democratic process and recompenses. These signify that Asuku is a unique brand that his values to Kogi Politics can’t be overlooked and must be appreciated.

He’s a leader who makes lasting impact in the society and touches lives would never be easily forgotten, especially in health, empowerment via and human capacity building. Quite unlike the ones who took up leadership or live for personal aggrandizement, without doing anything to help the poor and the downtrodden in the society. Though averse to the undue complexities of politics, he is nonetheless passionate about good governance as the bedrock of societal orderliness and oxygen for good, sustainable development which has been his priority.

He has carved a niche for himself by dint of hard-work and discipline, maintaining a charismatic and unblemished leadership style that has endeared him to many Kogites. He’s a patriot whose political wisdom doesn’t lie on words but his goodwill and positive impacts on people through his humanitarian activities.

It’s no longer news that with all the good deeds Pharm Asuku have done for humanity has boost and added a huge value to the youth agenda which is GYB2PYB. It’s my prayer that God Almighty will continue to give him the grace, resources and opportunity to continue his benevolence to mankind.



The Intimidating and Unquenchable Rising Political Profile of Rt. Hon. (Prince) Matthew Kolawole



It was Socrates who said that ‘fame is the perfume of heroic deeds’

For Shirley, ‘only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust’

For Johnson, ‘to get a name can hap­pen but to few; it is one of the few things that cannot be bought’

It is the free gift of mankind, which must be deserved before it will be granted, and is at last unwillingly bestowed.

Yet, for Shakespeare, ‘men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water’

Despite the propaganda, lies, black­mail and conspiracy against him in this illiberal build up to a contest; despite all of the hits by his political supposed allies, he (Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole) remains the toast of the free world. 

Despite all their propagandas and social media wash at the face of their fear for his political fame, his fame continued to rise like a wildfire in the harmattan period.

Rt. Hon. Kolawole against their political wish has joined a number of who matter in Kogi political avatars in the pantheon of the gods. 

If Emerson’s assertion that ‘self-trust is the essence of heroism’ is anything to go by, then is Yomikola far from being a political hero?

Chai, we in all our sincerity know the fact and the answers.

All over the world, people choose their heroes for different reasons. Some designate legendary creatures from every historical epoch and every field, such as Christopher Colum­bus, Florence Nightingale etc, for me, I chose Yomikola over and over again for his unmatchable indelible footprints across Kabba /Bunu State Constituency

Yet, there are also those who believe that some heroes are unknown to the general public, their heroic deeds unrecog­nized but far from insignificant, as even if taken to London, they will still glitz. 

 I will choose Rt. Hon Speaker as the reign­ing King of political players that’s soaring higher than expected though this annoyed his jesters. 

I believe that, like every other hero, he is a hu­man being, with everything that it im­plies. 
I also believe that recognizing a hero-warts and all makes it possible to become a hero and to encourage oth­ers to do the same.

Yomikola became the First Asembly member from Kabba/Bunu Constituency that was returned back to back, this can best come from a performer and achiever who against all odds, insisted to follow the footsteps of his political father, boss and benefactor, his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello,the Governor of Kogi State.

He thus became the first Kabba/Bunu Honourable member of Kogi State House of Assembly to rise from  the position of Majority Leader to the prestigious level of Speaker as a first termer. 

Yomikola had a cult-like following of members across his constituency and beyond, this is possible because of his ground-breaking achievements over his predecessors and of course his servant leader system. 

Despite the verbal and press thuggery directed at his person, Rt. Hon. Mathew Kolawole’s name still jiggled all over the place. 

His rising popularity is evident in the size of his followers even in the district of his detractors.

If the above semiotic  of Yomikola’s rising popularity is not giving some section a rest, then they should sit and redress their own personal activities and political path their actions and utterances suggest fear in them.
Worse still, it is either they have no intelligence reports about the rising political profile of Yomikola before the people or they are blindfolded that he is loved. 

However, if they have been reading these semiotic signs well, they should understand his rising profile is a deserved one and change their attack tactics by focusing on substantive issues.

Indeed, when the time comes for historians to offer a kind of formal re­view of Yomikola, the task is likely to be morally compli­cated. 

I made bold to say that no Kabba /Bunu political player, including his daylight scared opponents who suddenly sees him as a threat has his kind of magnanimity, achievement and zeal to push the party (APC) forward, this man will stop at nothing to see that APC activities are well smoothed and dressed to get the desired results for Yahaya Bello and APC interest come 2023. 

Yomikola is not mediocre. Rather, he learned fast on the job of politics, I insist to say that his place is firmly secured in the pantheon of history. Such is the stuff heroism is made of.

Kolawole is not in any way struggling to be in the heart of his people, his people are well cut out about him. 

Go, go, go, Yomikola! We are with you… That is the soundtrack of his constituents to him.

Barinkin Christopher (Bkings),
Ayetoro – Kiri

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Governor Yahaha Bello, The Flicker Of Hope



Part 2

Have you ever lived in a place ruined by insecurity, violence, communal clashes, terrorists infected area? Its actually not what we prayed for but unfortunately that is what has become the headlines of all our news both print or live broadcast. As I picked up my pen writing this, another report of 35 people were reportedly kidnapped in Kaduna andd one person killed.
I have experience insecurity in my little home town, and I know how devastating it can be when peace travelled out of a community. It was around 2003- 2011, I lived with my family in Okene town when communal clashes, that metamorphosed to clannish riot and then politically inflicted unrest. It was a period I will never pray to witness again. As we live in utmost fear, the Okene popular market was razed down by thugs/hoodlums, we heard the sound of guns from dawn to dust, we knew almost every victim killed during the clashes and sometimes by stray bullets, the economy stood still as no one can open shops to make sale, we depend on bread most days,houses were burnt, properties were destroyed, we hardly go to schools, the rate at which sophisticated guns were coming into Ebira land was alarming, thugs were more famous than political office holders, then the bad omen got worse, kidnappers took over, people got kidnapped from their homes on daily basis, to make the situation worse the dreadful ISIS located a centre in Okene, they recruited youths and started training and robbery, you wake up to hear of either killings or kidnapping, Ebira land was unsafe until 2016.

Kogi was adjudged kidnapping and highway robbery capital pre-2016 but.

Nigeria and every region is stricken by diverse forms of insecurity, it is no longer debated that the greatest challenge of the nation is insecurity.
In the North East, Boko Haram and its offshoot the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) continue to be Nigeria’s most serious security threats. Violent events linked to these groups have roughly doubled since 2015, when the government launched a major offensive dislodging these groups from the territory they held. Since retreating from urban centers during that 2015 offensive, the groups have focused their operations on the more desolate areas of Borno State—primarily in the rugged Sambisa Forest bordering Cameroon’s northwest mountains (Boko Haram) and the firki (“black cotton”) wetlands south and southwest of Lake Chad (ISWA).
In the Northwest, Exploiting a security vacuum, criminal gangs have been behind a surge of kidnappings for ransom targeting boarding schools and high institution students. In the last five years, the North West has experienced the greatest concentration of kidnappings in Nigeria.Mass kidnappings in Zamfara, Niger (NC), Kaduna and Katsina states have emulated 2014’s infamous kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls by Boko Haram.

Primarily affecting the Middle Belt and North West states, clashes between farmers and herders over land have spurred the formation of ethnic militias, vigilante raids, and extrajudicial killings.
The politicization of communal violence in Nigeria risks expanding the scope of ethnically organized militias. Already, violence between herding and farming communities is beginning to occur in states south of the Middle Belt. In places like Ibadan (Oyo State) and Isuikwuato (Abia State), negative Fulani sentiment that southern Nigerian politicians and news outlets have generated around the Middle Belt violence is being used by ambitious individuals to incite anti-Fulani protests and attacks by armed youth groups.
In South East, we have Revived Biafran secessionist activities have escalated in recent years, leading to violent clashes between Nigeria’s security forces and militia groups resulting in dozens of deaths.

Security, in my opinion, is an essential prerequisite for true and lasting economic growth to take place. Therefore, the economic security of Nigeria is intricately linked to its national security. The epidemic proportion of criminality and violence in the country has ramifications for the economy. Most importantly in
1) Disruption of Economic Activities
2). Decrease in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
3). Disproportionate Defence Spending Vis-à-vis Other Economic Sectors:
4). Increase in Brain Drain (most of our Youths now go for plan B; travelling abroad)
5). Perverse Incentives benefited by some people in government
6) Decline in Productivity especially as we are witnessing in Agricultural products which has resulted in high inflation of scarce food items
Due to the domestic nature of our national security challenges, citizens cooperation is the most essential element for successive National security strategy.
The diversity of Nigeria’s security threats will require an innovative set of solutions adapted to each context. This will entail understanding the local dynamics of each threat and integrating them into a multidimensional national security strategy.

If we all agreed that insecurity has and is eating deep into our national fabrics of unity and economic development, then we must get the right person to lead us resolve our Cooperate challenges.

But does it seems all hope is lost to get the Courageous, brave, energetic and visionary leader who will be pragmatic enough to quench the deary dart of insecurity.

Let me complete Kogi story, we were blessed with a leader 2015 in person of Gov Yahaya Bello, he understood perfectly the problem and what he has to do and in less than two years, things change for good.
The thuggery in Kogi was put to stop, youths were fully involved in governance, most were empowered for business, while there was massive amnesty as all weapons were submitted, kidnappers were tracked down and clamped down, their hideout were razed down, their houses were vandalized. The training ground of the ISIS was also razed down, Gov Yahaya Bello led the security team himself in most part of the state, the security architecture in Kogi was re-engineered and motivated to work perfectly. Kogi had community vigilantes, with all needed gadgets and facilities and there was perfect results.
Okene became relatively peaceful, Kogi rank safest state in Northern Nigeria.

The good news is if we can have this positive shift in Kogi state, no hope is lost, Nigeria can give a chance to this ray of hope and get it right.
Gov Yahaya Bello has a good track records in resolving insecurity, lots of National awards and personal accolades from several notable people including those in opposition parties, therefore why should we linger in the tunnel when we can move accross to the light and move forward.
Let’s support Gov Yahaya Bello for president and set our nation rolling in peace, unity and development.

By Comr Solace Omolaiye.

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Abejide; A Rare Politician In This Realm



A Brief Extollation by Fanisi Babatunde

Aside from numerous gestures he has been extending to the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency, I think the man Elder Leke Abejide has some characters that distinguish him from the usual politicians we have around.

Recently, our brothers from Kogi East and Lokoja part of Kogi West Spent days brandishing employment letters from the now declared illegal National Taskforce of small arms proliferation. It was so intense that some honorable representatives were sharing the appointment letters as of they were sharing the sand with some sharing as much as 100. I became curious for two reasons. Number one, is this job meant for only those from that region of Kogi State? Secondly, what is our representative doing about securing slots for our people?

HoR, Elder Leke Abejide

With the same spirit, I chatted an aide to Elder Leke, and sort to ask why our representative has not made move in that direction. The aide told me they have made some enquires but have since discovered the political climate surrounding the job as the job probably had no Legislative backing or some sort of disconnect with the Federal Gvernment and that the Honourable Member would not like to put his integrity on the line just to score some cheap political points to get accolades from the public. We ended the discussion and I was watching keenly.

At last, events in the last couple of hours have since confirmed the position of the Aide to the Hon. Member Representing the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency as the National Security Adviser came out to declare the jobs illegal and that all activities of the agency should be halted.

To me, this was a display of the highest level of sincerity and preservation of sanity in politics. He had the options of bringing some fake slots home and share to the innocent masses to get media applause and accolades, but he chose not to follow the path of others.

I give special kudos to the Hon. Member for ensuring the people are not misled and I say more grease to your elbow.

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